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Fine Lines Collection

Fine Lines for Great Southern Pearls by Mel Michael


"My love for designing and creating all things visual has been with me always and traces back to my childhood where I have very fond memories of spending hours creating and experimenting with many different mediums.

Since then my passion has inspired me to pursue and complete a Bachelor in Fine Art with a major in Jewellery and 3D and has led me down many other paths, all of which have refined my skill set and informed my work in various ways.

As a result, today I find myself exploring themes of minimalism, geometric shape and contrast through my work. The use of pearls as a key feature of my pieces has been a perfect fit for me in that these beautiful gems, although organic in nature are near perfect geometric forms and therefore lend themselves impeccably well for the communication of my chosen themes.

Therefore it follows suit that the Fine Lines collection for Great Southern Pearls was inspired out of my aforementioned love for minimalist design and subtle contrast. With this line in particular I also wanted to create pieces in which the wearer could have a physical connection with their pearls making the whole experience of wearing these pieces even more tactile''.

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