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- Leonardo Da Vinci

Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication


We grow Saltwater Akoya Pearls. Our pearls are generally white and golden with overtones of rose, champagne, silver and violet ranging in size from 6-11mm.


Akoya Pearls are famous for their magnificent lustre and have long been considered the classic pearl.


Akoya pearls are very 'wearable' and are ideal for matching and for use in multi-pearl jewellery such as bracelets and strands.

Pearl Virtues


Lustre refers to the combination of surface brilliance and the warm inner glow of light reflecting back through the countless layers of nacre that make up the body of the pearl.

Surface complexion

Pearls are an organic gem and it is common for them to display some level of surface imperfection. The less surface imperfections there are the more valuable the pearl is.


Akoya pearls have a variety of body colours ranging from white through to silver, pink and gold with overtones of rose, champagne and violet sometimes coming through.

Pearl care

As the old saying goes 'Pearls were made to be worn' however pearls are a unique organic gem and although they are fairly resilient it is important to never clean with detergent, household cleaners or commercial jewellery cleaners. All that's required is a gentle wash with mild soapy water, then rinse with fresh water and dried with a soft cloth.


Avoid allowing pearls to come into contact with perfumes and cosmetics - a good rule of thumb is: when dressing, pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.


Like colour, shape can be a very personal choice. The shape of a pearl does not affect its quality, however it can have some influence on value with perfectly round pearls typically commanding the highest prices.


A pearls diameter is measured in millimetres. Our pearls can range in size from 6–11mm with the majorityproduced in the 7-8.5mm class.

Our pearls
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